Abby Joy Jewelry

Abby Joy, of Abby Joy Jewelry, is dedicated to crafting handmade jewelry inspired by what she sees around her, what she wants to see, and what she is dreaming about in that short time between sleep and being awake. Each piece is feminine and whimsical, with natural imperfections – all made with the greater purpose of giving back. For every piece of jewelry sold, 10% of the sales price is donated to a charity or organization that is near and dear to Abby Joy and also ones suggested by her customers.

Abby Joy works with original molds to create unique pieces, sculpting wax by hand, and then crafting it into a one-of-a-kind piece with an artisan feel. All jewelry comes in either sterling silver or 18-karat vermeil (18-karat gold over sterling silver). 


Interview with Only Make Believe

Abby Joy spoke with Only Make Believe about why she loves and supports this organization:   OMB: Why do you love OMB? Abby: Being an art therapist myself, I understand the power...