Abby Joy Jewelry

Abby Joy grew up in Rockville, Maryland with a great appreciation for the arts. She began drawing and painting classes at a young age. Abby remembers while other children dreamed of being doctors and lawyers, she would walk through craft markets yearning for the day she would be able to sell something special she had created.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in visual arts at Boston University, which further solidified her interest in the creative world. Shortly after completing her studies, Abby moved to Israel and expanded her innate artistic talents by sculpting jewelry with wax. Here, she worked one-on-one with a wonderfully skilled jeweler, Talya, in her apartment along side Talya’s dog, Sepi. “I realized pretty quickly that I found my calling. Wax is such a wonderful material to work with as it allows me to combine design, drawings, and sculptures.”

Upon her return home from Israel, Abby applied her new skill and began making designs of her own. Abby initially used straight lines and forms as she was taught, however, with time, her style became more free-formed as she began to learn how to use the wax in unique ways. As a trained art therapist, Abby also understands the power of art and self-expression and works to help others communicate their emotions in an unfiltered way, on a daily basis. She believes in giving back to the community through her professional and personal endeavors, which is why a portion of the proceeds from each Abby Joy Jewelry piece is donated to a charity or organization.

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Interview with Only Make Believe

Abby Joy spoke with Only Make Believe about why she loves and supports this organization:   OMB: Why do you love OMB? Abby: Being an art therapist myself, I understand the power...